About Kotányi Gourmet

Quality made in Austria

In 1881, everything started with Janos Kotányi and paprika. Soon his range of products included precious herbs and spices from all over the world to which we are still passionately dedicated. Both back then and today! We are a family company based in Wolkersdorf which is situated in Lower Austria`s Weinviertel region. Our business values have always been based on a strong passion for our products, a sense of family, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Our catering brand “Kotányi Gourmet” comprises an exceptionally wide and diverse assortment of premium herbs, spices and seasonings. Our passion, product expertise and longstanding experience compels us to keep constantly in touch with business partners all over the world.

A well-qualified team of experts will share with you the magic world of spices. We will tell you which spices to use and where the raw materials come from. Together with our bulk purchasers we select the most exclusive commodities. Our huge range of products also includes specific formats which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of commercial kitchens.

Our assortment includes a total of 4,500 items which are sold in more than 20 countries. Our range of products comprises precious commodities from all over the world. The creation of new compositions and spice blends is always an exciting challenge. It is fascinating to witness how single ingredients can come together and merge into a completely new flavour. Our success is no accident, as we have been developing our passion for premium herbs and spices since 1881.